Nelson Brown empowers the world with “There’s Gold on Top of That Mountain”

“There’s Gold on Top of That Mountain,” a self-empowerment book, and “I Can,” a powerful book written for children in English and Spanish, are both written by Redlands author Nelson Brown.

Redlands author Nelson Brown released his second acclaimed book “There’s Gold on Top of That Mountain” earlier this year.

Brown, a San Bernardino County Preschool Services health educator, was inspired to write the book after coming to the realization that all people face obstacles that they let either define them, or have overcome them.

“The book shares a journey of an older man who comes into this town and tells the people that there’s gold on top of a mountain. The people have doubts, but 10 people go on a journey with him and the entire journey focuses on symbolic obstacles,” said Brown.

Brown’s children’s book “I Can” can be found at Redlands local book store Frugal Frigate.

“They endure a storm and they get passed it. Then the mountain is far and one kid does not want to continue because it’s so far…its symbolic because many times challenges look far and people quit simply because it looks too far,” continued Brown.

The book continues to take the reader on an empowering journey that is divided into three sections: The first is the journey, second a reflection of the journey, and the third section includes strategies on how to become a better, well-rounded person.

“I want people to get past those limiting beliefs so we can all thrive.  If we did the things we did not love doing we would live a better quality of life. Our comfort level is not comforting, it’s that place where we allow ourselves to stay because we believe it’s safe and it protects us. However, it really keeps you in bondage,” shared Brown.

After serving 12 honorable years in the U.S. Air Force as a secure communications supervisor, at 50 years old, Brown stepped out of his own comfort zone and accomplished a goal he had his sights set on for many years.

“When I was 50 years old I went back to school and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science from Perdue Global University and a Master’s degree in health and wellness psychology from University of the Rockies,” Brown said.

He shared that he was inspired to obtain a higher level of education after being one of the few grandkids in his family to lack a college degree.

“My purpose in life is to inspire others through their journey, to find their purpose. It is all about influencing people in a positive way to catapult them to attain what they truly desire. I am hoping this story will impact people in San Bernardino County and around the world,” concluded Brown.

“There’s Gold on Top of That Mountain” is available on Amazon and at For more information, email