Never Stop Grinding Impact distributed 800 turkeys to needy families from across the Inland Empire

Photos courtesy NSG: A line with over 1,000 people wrapped around the block of the Rialto Civic Center on November 16.

In a partnership between Never Stop Grinding Impact and Healthy Rialto, the two organizations were successful with leveraging each other’s resources to impact the community by providing over 800 families with all the essential thanksgiving food items on November 16th. 

“We have 800 people registered for a turkey, which are 16 to 20 pounds each. Those who show up and are not registered can still receive a food box with all the sides needed for a thanksgiving dinner,” said NSG Impact CEO Darious Harris. 

San Bernardino County Health was at the event administering COVID-19, flu, and Monkey-Pox vaccinations.

The amount of turkeys given away equates to over 14,000 pounds, but that’s not all, each registered participant also received $25 in Farmers Market Bucks. 

“Each person that is registered and from San Bernardino County is receiving $25 in Farmers Market Bucks – which they can purchase here on-site. Even though it has been pretty windy today and a couple vendors canceled, we still have over a dozen vendors available with locally sourced fresh fruits and veggies, honey, vegan food options, fresh bread and a ton more,” said Rialto City Clerk Barbara McGee. 

The event, which was held at the same time as the Rialto Farmers Market, was at the site of the Rialto Civic Center, and had a line wrapped around the entire block; which speaks to the volume of need across the Inland communities and beyond. 

Harris shared that he came across people as far as Victorville and even a family from Hawaii attended, along with hundreds of local families. 

“It’s important that with events like this that we reach people near and far. So today I want to thank IECN News Editor Manny Sandoval with a certificate of appreciation for always helping us spread the word about our events,” concluded Harris. 

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