Pilot Travel Center Hosts Energetic Grand Opening in Rialto, Tax Revenue Boost is Expected

In a grand celebration on May 19th, the highly anticipated Rialto Pilot Travel Center held its ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking the official opening of the state-of-the-art facility.
The event took place at 2325 Sierra Lakes Pkwy and was attended by local officials (including City Clerk Barbara McGee), community members, and representatives from Pilot Company. The new travel center is expected to become a bustling hub for travelers and a significant source of tax revenue for the city.
With the ribbon-cutting ceremony complete, Rialto City Councilmember Joe Baca expressed his enthusiasm for the travel center’s impact on the community. “If Pilot does good, the community does well,” Baca said, emphasizing the positive economic implications of the establishment. “The prices are lower right here than they are at Costco. So pilots’ gas prices are normally lower, and that’s okay because the more revenue that comes in here, the more revenue comes to our city.”
The Travel Center includes impressive features designed to cater to the needs of both residents and long-haul truck drivers. The facility has 14 gas and eight diesel pumps, ensuring an ample fuel supply for many vehicles. Additionally, the center provides 92 parking spots, ensuring convenience and accessibility for travelers.
David Lopez, the travel center manager, highlighted the extensive amenities available to visitors. “We have a range of facilities to enhance the overall experience for our customers,” said Lopez. “Among them, we have a cat scale for truckers, seven showers, a comfortable drivers lounge, and various dining options such as Arby’s, Cinnabon, and a deli. Additionally, we have a fully stocked convenience store and clean, well-maintained restrooms.”

The Travel Center includes an Arby’s, a Cinnabon, and a deli with Pizza and more.

The positive impact of the Travel Center extends beyond its economic value. Acting City Manager Arron Brown stressed the project’s significance: “It’s bigger than just economic value. You’ll take these trucks and commercial vehicles off the road, get off here to get their fuel and food, and hop back on the freeway.”
In a gesture of goodwill towards the community, Pilot Company presented a generous check of $20,000 to the Rialto Unified School District (RUSD). The funds will enhance the district’s technology initiatives, benefiting students and educators.
As the Rialto Pilot Travel Center welcomes travelers and locals alike, the city anticipates a boost in tax revenue, improved transportation logistics, and enhanced amenities for the region. With its array of services and convenient location at the corner of Alder Avenue and Sierra Lakes Parkway, the center aims to become a preferred destination for those needing fuel, sustenance, and a comfortable break during their travels.


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