Rialto Unified collects affected computer devices, distance learning resumes for Pre-K – 8th grade

Photo RUSD: Rialto High School staff leaders, from left to right: RHS science teacher Shital Kavia, RHS Assistant Principal Alejandro Olmos, RHS Principal Dr. Caroline Sweeney, RHS English teacher/Links Advisor Melissa Kromas, and RHS English teacher Larry Bush.

The Rialto Unified School District fell victim to an external malware attack on Friday, Aug. 21 that resulted in the immediate suspension of the district’s internet and technology systems including distance learning. It was determined the attack targeted Windows devices issued to high school students, and district personnel prioritized the collection of those devices last week.

Photo RUSD: Eisenhower High School staff leaders, from left: Frank Camacho, Ike Principal, Crystal Sanchez, Ike School Secretary, John Richmond, Ike Assistant Principal, Adriana Avila, Ike Secretary, and Jennifer Cuevas, Ike Assistant Principal.

Chromebooks distributed to Pre-K through 8th grade were not affected, and students resumed distance learning on Monday, Aug. 31. High school students will return to Bridge Academy at a later date.

According to RUSD Communications Director Syeda Jafri devices will be individually inspected during the week for any damage or signs of compromise.

“The Rialto Unified School District remains resilient in the wake of this malware issue, which came from an outside source. Information Technology is working round the clock with school and support sites leaders. Online instruction will occur in the near future after devices are collected and inspected, by Information Technology, and then replacement devices are distributed,” Jafri indicated.  “We appreciate the outpouring of support, understanding and empathy from our parents, teachers but mostly our high school students, who were most vulnerable in this attack and who truly deserve to get back to Bridge Academy, online instruction.”

Photo RUSD: Eisenhower High School Principal, Frank Camacho spoke with a student’s mother as Ike secretary, Adriana Avila, checked out a device from a student.

Project Based Learning packets will be distributed to high school students as soon as Tuesday, Sept. 8.