Senator Connie M. Leyva secures $1.05 million for Lake Rialto project

Residents in the City of Rialto should be getting excited as the forthcoming Lake Rialto is turning into a reality; it’s expected to break ground early next year and reach completion around summer 2023.

On June 28, Senator Connie M. Leyva secured $9.05 million for California’s 20th State Senate District Priorities, of which $1.05 million is being allocated towards Lake Rialto.

“I’m excited that I was able to successfully lead efforts to secure $1.05 million in the state budget for the creation of Lake Rialto. This resource for families in the region will expand open space and educational opportunities, offer improved water quality, and serve to enhance environmental and habitat management,” said Leyva.

Another exciting element regarding the forthcoming 10-acre lake is that it’ll be operating by utilizing recycled water from the city’s wastewater treatment plant, which is being designed to create co-equal benefits of habitat management and public open space/educational facilities.

“Once built, I look forward to Lake Rialto serving as a location for families, children and community residents to gather, enjoy and learn for many years to come,” concluded Leyva.

Another party excited about the future lake is Rialto City Council and Mayor Deborah Robertson.

“The Lake Rialto project is essentially a beneficial project that will provide a number of outstanding benefits to the community as it’s related to habitat conservation, educational opportunities, the use of recycled water, and of course it’ll become an amenity to elevate our city’s outdoor quality of life,” said Robertson.

Robertson also stated that the funding secured by Leyva is providing the city tremendous support as they seek to fund the $7-$8 million project.

“I sent Senator Leyva a personal thank you message through her staff. On behalf of our community, we are appreciative that she sees the value in this project as we move forward in seeking funding at the federal level,” concluded Robertson.

Lake Rialto is expected to be located at or near the city’s old retention basin east of Riverside Avenue, between Santa Ana Avenue and Agua Mansa Road.

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