May 24, 2024


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Supervisor Baca Jr. and Councilman Echevarria Honor Colton’s Legendary 2023 Youth Sports Teams at City Hall

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Colton Nighthawks Carl Rimbaugh All Stars, Colton Pony Youth Soccer, and Colton Tee Ball Ken Hubbs Little League being honored by Supervisor Joe baca, Jr. and Councilmember John Echevarria at the City’s Recreation and Parks Commission Meeting on September 20th, 2023.

In a grand event held on September 20th, 2023 at the Colton City Hall, the city’s Recreation and Parks Commission spotlighted the accomplishments of local youth sports teams that have elevated the community’s spirit and reputation.

Supervisor Joe Baca Jr. and Councilman John Echevarria presented each team with a certificate of recognition, acknowledging their hard work, dedication, and contribution to Colton’s sports legacy.

The council chambers were abuzz with excitement as over 100 proud parents and families filled the room. The atmosphere was electric, with attendees eagerly awaiting the moment their child would step onto the Dias, receive their certificate, and shake hands with the city’s leaders.

Colton has always had a robust sports following, and the recognition of these teams further cements the city’s commitment to nurturing and celebrating local talent. The dedication and perseverance of these young athletes have not only made their families proud but have also earned the admiration and respect of the local government and the broader community.

The teams that were recognized include: 

Colton Pony Baseball Teams

Division: Bronco

Team: Rockies

Manager: Josh Rodriguez

Ruben Gutierrez

Dereck Aparicio

Dominic Guerrero

Jordan Orozco

Jace Rodriguez

Zane Barron

Luke Medina

Francisco Delgado 

Recce Vasquez

Yarley Ibarra

Joaquin Arrieta

Noah Thompson

Division: Pony

Team Name: Dodgers

Manager: Edward Pedroza 

Freddie Herrera 

Carlos Jaramillo 

Edward Pedroza 

Matthew Pedroza 

Jacob Murdocte 

Isaac Villa 

Charlie Santiago 

Eduardo Suarez 

Christian Ruiz

Abraham Olmeda

Nathaniel Olmeda 

Adam Wevair

Carl Rimbaugh Softball Teams 

Division: 14u

Team: All Stars

Manager: Maggie Valenzuela

Coach- Manny Valenzuela

Coach- Joel Gallegos

Bella Armendariz 

Audrina Armenta 

Serissa  Castaneda 

Gabriela Gallegos 

Ilene Garcia 

Leila Garcia 

Jaida Guillen 

Karlee Navarro 

Mariah Ornelas 

Alyssa Ortiz 

Raylene Pasillas 

Serenity Villegas

Division: 12u

Team: All Stars

Manager: John Murillo 

Coach- Kyle Acosta

Coach- John Murillo Jr. 

Malyssa Ariyah Abasolo 

Kenzie Acosta 

Aubrie Rae Esquer 

Juliana Guadalupe Herrera 

Leilani Lopez 

Arianna Mae Murillo 

Francesca Sofia Navarro 

Myiah Quezada Alcala 

Maxine Rios 

Larissa Rodriguez 

Angellisa Valenzuela 

Avalynn Valenzuela

Colton Youth Soccer Teams

Division: TOPS 

Coach: Jasmine Sandoval 

Team Mom – Teresa Negrete

Players who confirmed:

Joseph Saldivar

Sophia Negrete

Abraham Topete

Jacob Reynolds

Maurice Pinkney

Jayce Ortega

Xavier Lucero

Dayanara Pena

Division: U14 

Team Name: Wolfpack 

Coach: Vince Quiroz- coach

Rosa Quiroz-Rodriguez – assistant coach

Vanessa Quiroz – team parent

Mark Reynolds Jr 

Julian Lopez 

Urijah Quiroz 

Christian Campos

Jose Martinez 

Eduardo Gomez 

Vincent Escobar 

Ivan Santillanes 

Emmanuel Gomez 

Rudy Ceballos 

Alan Alvarez 

Reuben Ayala

Ulysses Rodriguez

Colton Nighthawks Team 

Coach: Ruben Montano

Assistant Coach: Scott Combs

Assistant Coach: John Prieto

Trent Abel

Noah Audrunas

Mason Edwards

Ryan Halamicek

Hudson Harrison

Tyler Holley

Chad Horton

Eric Jeon

Logan Kelly

Ryan Kroepel

Josh  Martinez

Bryan Martinez

Roman Meyers

Marcus Moyer

Diego Ortiz

Andrew Parker

Garrett Patterson 

Marcos Rosales

Jarren Sanderson

Josh Torres

Braden Wauschek

Matt Wurmlinger

Ryder Young


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