April 22, 2024


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Teamsters Local 1932 occupies new building to elevate workplace advancement, training on zero-emission technology and more

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Photo Teamsters Local 1932: The well attended ribbon cutting was attended by the likes of California Assembly Majority Leader Eloise Gómez Reyes and Assemblymember James Ramos.

On October 22, Teamsters Local 1932 held its ribbon-cutting ceremony unveiling its new building of occupancy at 421 N. Sierra Way (the old Arrowhead Credit Union).

The new space will provide for more innovation, training opportunities that lead to advancement and partnerships to elevate the City of San Bernardino and beyond; and as Teamsters Local 1932 says, “It’s an investment to the community and the future of working families.”

“We’ve recently partnered with a number of employers in the region on what we’re calling the High Road Training Partnership Program to perform some diesel to electrical conversions. As the technology advances to switch fleets over, including smaller diesel engines, a number of employers in the area are looking to move toward zero-emission operations; we’ll be housing the training for that conversion,” said Randy Korgan, Teamsters Local 1932 principal officer.

: Assembly Majority Leader Eloise Gómez Reyes presenting Randy Korgan and Teamsters Local 1932 a Certificate of Recognition.

The conversion to zero emissions is an initiative that was heavily supported by the California Workforce Development Board through a $1.3 million grant…and a dire necessity to the Inland community in response to the heavy pollutions caused by the warehouse saturated workforce in the region.

“Our new site will also house more office space, meeting halls and classrooms for future training. We’re looking forward to operating this training center where we can rollout the High School to High Paying Jobs initiative where we can connect people and their loved ones to good-paying jobs in the region,” continued Korgan.

In the midst of a period where we’re continuing to see many people, businesses and organizations flee the San Bernardino community, Teamsters Local 1932 sees its new building as a beacon of hope and inspiration to San Bernardino through its partnership and training programs that will lead people to long-term sustainable careers.

“By investing in Downtown San Bernardino when a lot of people are abandoning the area, we’re sending a message of hope and inspiration and what better place to do it than in a working class area? We see this as a friendly challenge to other organizations to come and stay in the city…we’re doing it, and you can too,” Korgan said.

“By creating the right training for people entering the job market, they’re more likely to stay in that job. If they don’t receive any training, they’re not as likely to stay, because they’re not equipped with the skills to enjoy the fruits of the job; and they have no connection to their employer. Moving forward, our intention is to create a system that minimizes turnover and gives people sustainability,” concluded Korgan.

The Teamsters Local 1932 Car Show attracted more than 2,000 attendees at its new place of occupancy and will serve as a space to host even bigger events in the future.

As a side note, another big win for the organization this year was the success it received from the community at its Car Show on May 15, which drew in over 2,000 attendees and proves San Bernardino still has the bandwidth to host successful events and Teamsters Local 1932 is going against the grain by confidently investing in the community. For more information, visit teamsters1932.org.


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