October 2, 2023


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Tyro Times provides San Bernardino High School students opportunity, voice

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Photos courtesy SBHS: San Bernardino High School journalism students reviewing the program’s social media policy and guidelines.

San Bernardino High School’s (SBHS) Tyro Times began publishing back in 1895, before becoming dormant in 2011.

The publication ultimately made a strong return in 2016, when a student asked Teacher Librarian Rochelle Schmidt – now also Tyro Times advisor to help bring back the student newspaper.

The Tyro Times is providing students in San Bernardino an opportunity to gain experience in all areas of journalism, including copywriting, copyediting, photography, layout, social media, and interviewing.

“This publication serves as a vehicle for our students to have a voice. A voice to show their peers and the community that they’re passionate and they do care about issues in and around the community,” said Schmidt.

Student’s Jasmine Toolan and Ziclaly Belmont reporting on a football game – fall 2021.

Since making its return, the student publication has been operating as a class, and a great tool for student reporters to clear up misconceptions and rumors around campus.

“One of our students is currently working on a piece regarding what administration does throughout the day. There’s a misconception students have about admin, they think they don’t do anything and that they’re these mean people – but they’re not. So it’s been a great tool to open the mind of other students and clear up misconceptions,” continued Schmidt.

Another forthcoming article of interest is one covering what school security does all day.

“I think a student recently overheard someone saying that school security just stands around all day and talks. So I gave the student permission to shadow one of the security guards on campus to gain a greater insight into the day in the life of our school security…I’m looking forward to that one,” Schmidt said.

SBHS students interested in reporting for the Tyro Times do not have to meet any prerequisites, as long as they have the interest and the class works with their schedule, they can join the year-long program.

“Our latest issue was published on December 13 – we print about 300-350 physical copies monthly and it’s available to the community online at sbhstyrotimes.com,” concluded Schmidt.

Click here to view the e-newspaper.


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