June 21, 2024


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Colton residents set to utilize organic waste trash bins, potential trash can placement policy change

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Colton residents will soon have a trash bin for organic waste and potentially see a policy change on the placement of trash cans for pickup, from alleyways to the curbside.

On December 21, Colton City Council approved ordinance No. O-12-21 to bring the city into compliance with California’s Climate Pollutant Reduction law SB 1383.

The goal of the new ordinance adoption is to assist with reducing the disposal of organic waste in landfills, streamlining the collection and disposal process of residential organic waste.

“The most basic element of the regulation is that jurisdictions are required to provide an organic waste collection service to each of their residents and businesses. The regulations also require all residents and businesses to use an organic waste recycling service that meets the regulatory requirements,” said Brian Dickinson, Public Works and Utility Services Director.

Previously, the city was providing organic waste collection and processing services only to commercial and business customers – but will now include residents in the new ordinance.

“Jurisdictions must have enforceable requirements on its haulers that collect organic waste in the jurisdiction, and also for commercial and residential generators and self-haulers. These are the high-level requirements, but each resident and business must subscribe to an organic waste collection service that either “source-separates” the waste, or transports all unsegregated waste to a facility that recovers 75 percent of the organic content collected from the system,” continued Dickinson.

While city council and residents are supportive of the disposal of organic waste in its own bin, an item of contention arose when addressing the policy change of trash placement pickup from its original location in the alley, to the front of residents’ homes.

“Previously we’ve been able to collect in the front of homes or in the alley. I hear we’re going to move the placement of pickup to the front? If we don’t clarify this to the public, residents are going to be upset when their trash doesn’t get picked up. What is our policy?” asked Dr. G.

“Currently, we do service some areas in the alley. It’s very difficult because sometimes we find cars, couches – so we can’t service that alley. In our contract it does say curbside, so we’re trying to retrain everyone to leave trash cans at the curb. We’re currently auditing how many homes are serviced in the alley. Once we gather the data, we’ll inform the public,” concluded Dickinson.

An additional concern in the form of public comment was made at the meeting from a resident expressing her concern with the placement of trash cans in the front of homes, as it’s a danger for the elderly and potential liability for the city. For more information, visit ci.colton.ca.us/118/City-Council


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