Wyatt’s Paint and Body thrives through dedication to customers


Since 1975, Wyatt’s Paint and Body has been a staple in the San Bernardino community. They believe customers come first and do all they can to ensure they are taken care of.

“Our mantra is if we can’t fix it nobody can,” shared Kris Wyatt, Owner of Wyatt’s Paint and Body.

The reason for this saying is Wyatt’s dedication to customer service. They ensure that customers are taken care of, to the fullest.

“With cars constantly changing and evolving, we find ourselves learning and growing as well,” shared Wyatt.

When at Wyatt’s, the environment is fast-paced. Employees can be seen running back and forth between the front and back. Management taking phone calls, making phone calls, and checking up on cars in the back. All of this is to ensure their customers receive the best service.

“Since I’ve been here there is never a dull moment,” said Marty Prieto, Manager at Wyatt’s. “Our team does all we can to satisfy our customers, I appreciate all that my team does. This work can get difficult but we pull together for the best results.”

Working in this type of fast-paced environment can be overwhelming for many. However, at Wyatt’s the team strives to satisfy their customers.

“I love the relationships I’ve made while working here, everyone here pulls together to help provide great service to our customers,” expressed Prieto,

When a team is cohesive it can create amazing results.

“Every customer is a chance for my team and me to learn,” said Wyatt. “Any problem my team and I face it head-on and do all we can to figure it out.”

This type of dedication and teamwork is great to hear. As a customer, it can be challenging to find an auto shop that is dedicated to finding the best solution for you.

“We want our customers to feel safe and secure when bringing their car to us,” explained Wyatt.  “We want to foster real relationships that last, we want our customers to know (that) in a crisis they have someone to turn to.”

Wyatt’s does not only works on cars, they also work on diesels, motorcycles, and motor homes. Wyatt’s Paint and Body has been part of San Bernardino County for nearly 50 years. They’ve strived to learn and better help customers throughout the years. They plan to continue building and helping those in the county of San Bernardino for another 50 years. If interested in visiting Wyatt’s Paint and Body you can call (909) 885-5051 or visit them in person at 350 North Rancho, San Bernardino, 92410.