A disappointing Lakers season

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Oh, the disappointment. After all the hype and hope surrounding the Lakers and its fans at the start of the season, the LeBron-James-led Lakers aren’t even making the playoffs. This marks the first time since I was born that LeBron hasn’t made the playoffs. So, what happened to the team that some even believed could beat the dynasty that the Warriors are?

The season started off strong. Coming into a Christmas Day battle against the Warriors the Lakers were 4th in the western conference and looking strong. They came in that night at Oracle arena and balled out, beating the Warriors by 20, but there was a catch. LeBron James had hurt his groin and was out 2 weeks, this is where the losses started piling up.

The Lakers fell within 2 weeks from the 4 seed to the 9 seed, and coming into the all star break, we’re 1 game under 500. However LeBron is LeBron so the Lakers are going to turn it around, right? Well no, the opposite happened. LeBron’s playoff mode turned into layoff mode and the Lakers also lost Lonzo Ball for the year, as well as almost everyone missing a few games. Not to mention the poor coaching from Luke Walton. All this led to were the Lakers are now. With Saturday’s loss to the Nets the Lakers are officially out of the playoffs and now, look for a top 10 draft pick to spark the team again.

Overall, the 2018-2019 Lakers season was a disappointment for all. Bad coaching, injuries and some locker room controversies led to a rough season with many negatives. And it leaves us Lakers fans to turn to what we’ve been saying the past 6 seasons… “Maybe next year.”

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