Rialto City Council approves Frisbie Park expansion

Frisbie park, located at 598 E. Easton St., anticipates completion in October 2020, after initial development back in 2016.
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On July 9, in a 5-0, Rialto City Council approved the expansion of Frisbie Park.

The park, located at 598 E. Easton St., will be expanding by adding restrooms to the grounds.

“On May 9, 2017, the City Council made several decisions governing the Frisbie Park Expansion project. First, Council approved the Master Plan for Frisbie Park, which identified, in concept, the amenities that the park is to provide to the Rialto community. Second, Council approved the Second Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement for phase II final engineering, landscape design, and project management services for the Frisbie Park expansion project,” said Sean Grayson, acting Public Works Director.

Not only will the park feature new restrooms, it will also give the space much needed storage space for its baseball fields.

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“Concurrent with construction of the proposed park improvements, staff requests approval to procure two prefabricated masonry buildings to support the Frisbie Park Expansion project. These two buildings consist of a new restroom/storage building and new concessions, an office, storage, a meeting facilities building, and we will replace one outdated, under-sized and non-ADA compliant combined facilities building, which currently serves the Rialto Softball League,” continued Grayson.

The total amount that city council approved for the project is $1,104,945; the project will be conducted by Public Restroom Company, located in Minden, Nevada.

“When I was a park commissioner there was always a need for restrooms at Frisbie Park, so I’m happy to see this coming to fruition as part of the new city renovations. I just want to congratulate the community for making this happen,” said Councilman Rafael Trujillo.

Although construction start dates have not been announced, all councilmembers are supportive of the park expansion.

“There was a report I came across from the Grand Jury that discussed how San Bernardino County has neglected its parks and I’m really glad to see the city of Rialto taking the lead and fixing our parks; so I would like to commend my colleagues and this council for helping make this happen,” said Councilman Joe Baca Jr. For more information, visit yourrialto.com.

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