San Bernardino County Economic Development Department to collaborate with business through COVID-19 Recovery Coalition

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San Bernardino County’s Economic Development Department is reaching out to key sectors of the region’s businesses, faith-based organizations and non-profit industries in order to promote long-term economic resilience as the County begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. This collaborative communication is at the heart of the County’s COVID-19 Recovery Coalition announced earlier this year.

Created by San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman, the coalition includes government, private-sector, and community partners throughout the county and encompasses public- and private-sector partners in the following areas: transportation/logistics; healthcare; faith community; retail; manufacturing; government; education; hospitality; non-profits and tourism.

The coalition’s objective is to identify the challenges and needs now impacting industry and community partners as well as provide an immediate economic response to the impacts of COVID-19 on the County’s businesses, faith-based organizations and non-profit industries.

“As we continue to proactively deploy a vaccine, we will work even closer with our businesses to gain their support in this important Countywide effort as well as gather insight into areas of concern. In this way we can pinpoint the right avenue of support by industry sector and promote best practices toward dealing with the COVID-19 crisis to move San Bernardino County forward,” said Hagman.

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As noted, an immediate coalition objective is to leverage industry and community stakeholder, and non-profit partnerships to amplify awareness of, the importance of, and the process for the distribution of vaccinations to workers, customers, and the community. Interested community members and businesses that want to participate in this collaborative communication can contact the Department via email at

“By working together, we can all emerge from COVID-19 stronger, smarter, and ready to build a future,” added San Bernardino County Interim Economic Development Director Soua Vang.

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