San Bernardino Neighborhood Illegal Marijuana Dispensary Closed Down

San Bernardino Police Department served a search warrant on an illegal marijuana dispensary located at 40th and Electric Avenue in San Bernardino’s north-end.
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On Wednesday, January 17th the San Bernardino Police Department served a search warrant on an illegal marijuana dispensary located at 40th and Electric Avenue in San Bernardino’s north-end. Four people were arrested for a “Health and Safety” code violation for the illegal sale of marijuana.

During the search of the illegal dispensary, many building code violations were noted, and the city’s Building and Safety Department red-tagged the premises declaring the building uninhabitable.

Although marijuana for personal consumption was legalized in California, state and city/county licenses are both required for the sale of marijuana in any given jurisdiction that permits the activity.

This article is not going to make any justifications either way on the use, legalities, or the moralities of marijuana. From a layman’s perspective, this will try to explain why the sales issue is currently illegal in San Bernardino. It all comes down to licensing and permitting. Since many proponents of marijuana compare the use of it to the consumption of alcohol, I’ll make this simple layman’s example.

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If a liquor store were to open in the City of San Bernardino, one would require a state license, a resale license, and a city license. In addition, the prospective vendor must pass a background investigation, pass zoning requirements, and get approval from the Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC), and various other agencies such as the police department, committees, commissions, etc. If they open a liquor store without going through these processes, they will be shut down.

The same applies to the licensing of marijuana for sale, regardless of jurisdiction. However, selling marijuana has its own unique requirements. At the state level, the policies and procedures have already been established, and no entity may sell marijuana in the state of California unless they have met specific requirements and have the proper state permits.

At the county and city governmental levels, many are still in the process of examining its options and effects on its population and economy. So even if an entity has a state permit, they still must meet and be compliant with all the local laws, policies and procedures. The California Supreme Court ruled that each local jurisdiction can allow the sale of marijuana, and if so, may set their own regulations, fees, policies, and procedures.

There was a posting on the north-end “” social media site that announced the closure of the illegal marijuana dispensary. Over 70 replies came back in favor of the closure, and many praising the San Bernardino Police Department’s efforts. About 4 postings came back with some derogatory statements and recommendations for the approval of the dispensaries.

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  1. Are there any illegal liquor stores in San Bernardino? Is there a ban on liquor sales in San Bernadino? Of course these questions are rhetorical as the obvious answer is no. But we do have prohibition and the black market created from the cities prohibition. Its legal in the state but as the author or this piece states, cities can regulate it as they see fit. But there is a demand and under a prohibition government, illegal dispensaries are there. EricTomboc cites multiple avenues one must venture through if wanting to sell alcohol. Its a long established processin which the city, as well as other entities have a hand in. Not noted in the piece is that none of these are available to the illegal pot shop. Zero. Because the city fathers have deemed cannabis not welcomed, and have passed ordinances to ban any activity. And the arrests continue, even after voters approved through direct democracy, an initiative to sell cannabis. But the city still said no and have fought that initiative in the courts. A finger in the eyes of those in the majority who voted for it. In a supposedly democratic society, that still insists it’s in the right to carry out arrests for something they can declare illegal through fiat. And printed to appear its in the right because the pot shop didn’t follow regulations, but never saying those regulations are not available because the city has chosen to ban, in the overwhelming fact that the population is in favor or access, sales, cultivation, use and possession.San Bernardino government has jumped the shark and is on the wrong side of history.

  2. Almost a year later, nothing has changed. They’re only illegal because the city refuses to give out permits. The people voted for it and yet the city doesn’t care. I’m at a loss as to why SB, with all of it’s financial troubles, is skipping out on this opportunity? Majority of the citizens are pro medicinal cannabis, the politicians can try to deny it all they want. Cannabis has always been a part of the culture in SB. I honestly believed this would help turn this poor city around, there is so much potential. You can see the prostitutes walking up and own baseline, people dealing hard drugs like meth in front of liquor stores and the homeless problem keeps growing. Businesses are closing with Dilapidated buildings a common sight, but somehow cracking down on dispensaries that want to do business legally is top priority?


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