June 21, 2024


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$10,000 donation to Rialto lets kids play sports for free

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Thanks to the charitable contributions made by Medline, Rialto Community Services will offer scholarships and sporting equipment needed to provide equitable opportunities to the community.

Mayor Robertson appreciates that Medline continually makes contributions to our community. “Medline was one of our first premier companies to come to Rialto during the redevelopment of the Rialto Airport land. They have continued to extend partnership with various departments in the city. I appreciate that they support our recreation programs through healthy Rialto.”

Over the next two years, these funds will cover registration fees or provide scholarships for activities and classes like Dance, Karate, and Tennis to create great opportunities for children and families to participate, develop kills, and more.

The Director of Community Services, Cynthia Alvarado Crawford, is excited that a local company wants to help. “This sponsorship shows me how Rialto businesses want to support the community they work in.”

Medline’s dedication to healthcare products and the healthcare industry makes it no surprise that they’re willing to donate funds to keep the community healthy through exercise and activity. It is the company’s commitment to remain socially responsible by providing Rialto’s youth, ages 3- 17, scholarships to participate in programs, activities, or classes they cannot afford.

“Supporting communities where we operate is a part of our values as a company,” said Medline Operations Director Don Sutphin. “The city offers a wonderful set of programs for our community’s youth and this partnership between Medline and Rialto will help offset costs for families so more kids can participate.”

Additionally, Medline team members are enthusiastic about volunteering to coach some of Rialto’s many sports programs. With more than 500 people working at Medline in Rialto, the company is able to connect with the community in a variety of ways.

Medline constructed its medical products distribution center in Rialto in 2016. Powered by 3,000 rooftop solar panels, the company serves hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities across Southern California to Las Vegas, NV, by supporting tens of thousands of medical products to treat patients.


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