CITY TALK recognizes Neighborhood Market for community impact

Mike Snoubar, owner (right); and Dr. G, Council Member and Founder of CITY TALK.

On Saturday, June 4, 2022 Council Member Dr. G (Dr. Luis S González) presented the CITY TALK “Community Impact Award” to Mike Snoubar, owner of Neighborhood Market located at 2531 So. La Cadena Drive, in Colton.

For eighteen years, Mr. Mike has successfully owned and operated this popular business on the South end of town, and is well-known for its location, inventory, and homemade kitchen. Whenever he gets a chance, Dr G often stops by and orders a custom-made burrito and fresh coffee. Many residents in the La Loma Hills neighborhood also make frequent stops. “The best part of this place, is that it’s always open,” says Christina Perris, frequent customer at the Neighborhood Market.”

Whenever you pass by this establishment you will always see cars in the parking lot, and inside, there are always customers picking up a quick item or just having a cup of coffee. From cool beverages to snacks, sundries to grocery items, this family-operated business has just about everything you need, including key making and lotto tickets.

Born in Palestine, Mr. Mike came to the United States when he was 23 years old, and spent several years working for his cousin at a gas station. In 2004, Mike and his wife Kifaya purchased this location, and together with their son Ameer and a half-dozen employees have grown this business to its current status as a “bustling marketplace.”

The 2,000 square foot store utilizes every inch for its inventory, but even offers an indoor eating area, as well as a very popular outdoor patio that holds up to 40 people. Dr G holds his neighborhood meetings there and over time, the customer base from those meetings has continued to increase the clientele. “Mr. Mike has designed his business for the convenience of the residents,” says Dr. G who elaborated, “He reaches out to the residents and offers what they want.” Local customer Silvia Castillo, also commented, “This store has a little bit of everything and it’s very convenient, especially for getting a last minute item.”

Mr. Mike Snoubar, his wife, Kifaya, his son Ameer, and the employees are to be congratulated not only for their eighteen years of business success, but for their contribution and service to the residents of Colton. “This market is simply a great convince and a great business,” replied local resident Norma Gallardo. 

The CITY TALK “Community Impact Award” was established in 2020 to recognize the great efforts that people make “behind the scenes” to make our community, the City of Colton, a better place.  “He is a great choice for this recognition. His effort in sustaining a successful business and supporting the community is exactly what this award is about,” smiles Dr. G, a City Council Member and well-known community advocate.

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