27 Rialto Unified School District schools earn state PBIS honors, including Gold Level

An unprecedented 27 schools in the Rialto Unified School District will be honored by the California State Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) coalition. Three RUSD schools (first for the District) earned Gold Level, sixteen RUSD schools earned Silver Level, and eight schools earned Bronze Level. Representatives from the District will officially be honored at the end of October in Sacramento.

The PBIS frameworksupports schools to address the social, emotional and behavioral needs of students using multi-tiered supports before misbehaviors manifests. The framework is designed for adults to develop their skills to better addressthe sources of the issues affecting students in a positive and constructive way, rather than addressing the symptom (e.g. poor behavior) with punitive measures.

“I know how hard Mrs. Melissa Rubio, PBIS Coordinator, and our school site PBIS Teams have worked, over the years, to continue to press forward with ongoing efforts to improve the implementation process,” said Angela Brantley, who oversees PBIS as part of her responsibility as the Lead Agent for Student Support Services.

RUSD Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Cuauhtémoc Avila, credits the RUSD Board of Education for initiating the transformation that PBIS has engendered in the District, by allowing staff to explore positive and effective ways to address the “whole child.”

Dr. Avila clearly stated, “It takes the effort of everyone involved in the education of students to have the impact PBIS has had on the culture of the District and schools, especially teachers, who in many cases are asked to use new and very different approaches in working with students. These recognitions validate the hard work that Rialto school sites and the District’s PBIS Team have executed.”

RUSD Board of Education and Dr. Avila congratulate, and commend, staff members for their unyielding efforts. For additional information on RUSD’s PBIS program, please call Melissa Rubio at (909) 873-4336 ext.2371.

Schools to receive the awards are:
Gold: Kelley Elementary, Jehue Middle and Rialto High;

Silver: Bemis Elementary, Boyd Elementary, Casey Elementary, Curtis Elementary, Dunn Elementary, Garcia Elementary, Henry Elementary, Hughbanks Elementary, Kordyak Elementary, Myers Elementary, Werner Elementary, Kolb Middle, Kucera Middle, Rialto Middle, Carter High, Milor High;

Bronze: Dollahan Elementary, Fitzgerald Elementary, Morgan Elementary, Morris Elementary, Preston Elementary, Simpson Elementary, Frisbie Middle, Eisenhower High.


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