Supervisor Joe Baca, Jr. joins the Devore Animal Shelter to promote National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

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San Bernardino County Fifth District Supervisor Joe Baca, Jr. is collaborating with the Devore Animal Shelter during “National Pet Adopt a Shelter Pet Day” to help raise awareness about the importance of adopting shelter pets. This year, National Pet Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is on Friday, April 30th.

This partnership also includes a 5-day period where fees to adopt a pet will be significantly reduced. From April 28th to May 2nd, the fee to adopt a dog will be reduced from $116 to $25.00, and the fee to adopt a cat will be reduced from $62 to $17.00. This sponsored fee includes pet adoption, sterilization, initial vaccination, and microchip cost.

“I chose to adopt my pet because I know how many of our furry friends are in shelters waiting for their forever home. The companionship and unconditional love a pet brings to a family are immeasurable. I want to help facilitate those feelings for others who may have been thinking about adopting. This is your sign! ” – Supervisor Baca, Jr.

On April 30th, Supervisor Baca, Jr. will be releasing a video on his social media highlighting some furry friends that are ready to be adopted with instructions on how to adopt them.

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Please visit Facebook: @supervisorbacajr, Instagram: @supervisorbaca, or Twitter: @SupervisorBaca. For more information, please call our office at (909) 387-4565.

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