Rialto Unified School District’s Edgar Montes is a Distinguished Service Award honoree

Photos RUSD: RUSD Vice President, Edgar Montes, at his first graduation ceremony in 2009 honoring a graduate at Carter High School. (Pictured in the center is former SB assemblywoman Wilmer Amina Carter, namesake of Carter High School.)
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Rialto Unified School District Board of Education Vice President Edgar Montes was awarded the “Distinguished Service Award” from the San Bernardino County School Board Association and San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools on April 26 at the district’s Spring Awards Ceremony.

Montes, who was first elected to the RUSD Board of Education in 2010, is being recognized as an educator/school board member who has made a positive, direct, ongoing impact on significant segments of public education.

“I’m very honored to be receiving this recognition. After serving the community for a number of years it’s great to know that all of my work in the community is making an impact,” said Montes.

Just a couple of Montes’ other titles include activist (since the ’90s), small business leader, Rialto Lions Club service member, philanthropist, and standout high school graduate from Fontana Unified School District.

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“I got my start by supporting progressive movements in the 1990s. People told me rather than protesting that it’s easier to run for office and make a difference from the inside out. So that’s what I chose to do for parents, students and special education. I began advocating for students and parents who needed support, along with attending community school board meetings on behalf of students to successfully gain resources,” shared Montes.

He also said that he hopes to continue generating even more positive impacts for students at RUSD while strengthening the district’s customer service and forging more partnerships in the future.

“One of my goals is to strengthen the district’s customer service to create a stronger relationship between parents, teachers, administration, and the district; in which our superintendent has already brought in customer service training initiatives district-wide. Another goal is to forge more connections and partnerships with other districts and agencies to elevate all of our student’s educational experience,” said Montes.

“I thank the county judges for this prestigious honor. I also want to thank the Rialto families, who entrust in me the ability to make sound and fair decisions for the best interest of their children, and indeed, they are our children, too. On behalf of my supportive wife, Lina, our three sons, and extended family members, thank you. I will continue to serve our RUSD parents, students, and staff in our education community,” concluded Montes.

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