Anthony Garcia presented with CITY TALK Award

Photo Dr. G: Colton Councilman Dr. G, left, presented Anthony Garcia with his CITY TALK Award on Friday, Oct. 30 for his continous service to the community. Garcia is the founder of Hands-up Solutions.
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At a downtown gathering last Friday, Council Member Dr. G (Dr. Luis S. Gonzalez) presented the November CITY TALK “Community Impact Award” to Anthony Garcia, long-time resident of Colton and founder of the non-profit organization Mobile Hand-up Solutions. Mr. Anthony is well-known throughout Colton, San Bernardino and Riverside as a community outreach volunteer who has devoted his time, effort, and resources to serve the needs of those residents who have experienced financial, physical, and social hardship.

Most people who have met Mr. Anthony know that he is a man of action, and prefers to work behind the scenes in order to directly impact the individuals who communicate with him by “word of mouth. “For others, the only visual presence that is seen on the streets is either his black pick-up truck full of food distribution boxes, or his truck pulling his home-made portable shower-trailer.

“Mr. Anthony knows where the people are,” explained Dr. G, and supports about 2,000 disenfranchised individuals, and families each week. When asked about his mission, Mr. Anthony responded clearly, “to help people to independence and self-sufficiency.”

Each week, Mr. Anthony picks up approximately 500 food boxes from the Inland Harvest organization and personally delivers them to his growing list of individuals who need help with food. The boxes usually contain a variety of dry and canned goods, but often, as the resources and time are available, he is able to deliver dairy products including milk. He also makes an extra trip to the food bank to assist Pastor Robert Cruz of the Rayos de Luz Church with his food distribution program.

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“I really appreciate the help,” says Pastor Robert, when Dr. G asked about the source of his food boxes. “Anthony Garcia has been faithful each and every week.”

In addition, Anthony Garcia has expanded his church ministry to Lighthouse Church of Christ, Everlasting Covenant, and Colton Community Church.

On Fridays, Mr. Anthony and his son Chase work as a synchronized team to set up a help station in the parking lot of Echoes of Love Church on C Street. This station is amazingly well-stocked with food, clothes, hygiene supplies, and his familiar portable shower.

“Anyone who has a basic need is welcome,” explained Mr. Anthony, and when called upon, “we can help with prayer, and information directing them to counseling, drug treatment and housing.”

For three years, Mr. Anthony Garcia has been serving the needs of individuals in our community and continually works to identify additional people, both individuals and families, who need help. In addition, he works to communicate with pastors, community leaders, and community organizations in order to collaborate when possible, or at least network so he can provide valuable information to those he helps.

“He is a great choice for this award,” commented Dr. G, current City Council Member and well-known community advocate. “Our community is fortunate to have awesome residents like Anthony Garcia who have a heart for the community,”

For more information about CITY TALK, volunteer opportunities, the trash clean-up program, or the online live-stream programs, contact Dr. G @ 213-3730. Questions and comments are always welcome.

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