Building Wealth Initiative transforms financial trajectory of businesses, non-profits and individuals in the Inland Empire

Building Wealth Initiative registered as a non-profit with the California Secretary of State and is eager to help the community build its wealth.
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Building Wealth Initiative was founded in 2016 with an original goal of connecting businesses to homeowners in the Inland Empire, to strengthen the wealth of both parties.

The organization was founded by California Curb Appeal Real Estate Real Property Inc. Founder Bobbi Albano, who was in a Master of Business Administration Entrepreneurialism program at California State University, San Bernardino, which inspired her endeavor.

“When I was in my MBA program at CSUSB I was in a class where we had to start a business. I wanted to start a real estate agency, but I knew with all the legal aspects to it, I would not have enough time to finish it in a semester; so, I took the non-profit route,” said Albano.

The non-profit route that Albano initially took was California Curb Appeal, in which she connected business owners to homeowners, where homeowners could purchase services at a discounted rate and businesses could build their client base.

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“We hit so many bumps in the road with our first iteration of the non-profit, but today we have a strong team and solid trajectory. Our team is looking forward to pushing out workshops, building business partners, and assisting non-profits with solidifying their success in the greater community,” continued Albano.

In the future, the organization anticipates hosting many networking opportunities such as mixers, while some of the forthcoming workshops include topics such as financial literacy, social media strategies for businesses, how to strengthen non-profit grant applications, and first-time home buying options.

“Our goal is to become a strong resource for small business and the individual, as we will strive to be the jumping-off space for success because when one wins we all win. I’m looking forward to the future in serving our community,” concluded Albano.

Today the organization is stacked with board and committee members who specialize in areas such as real estate, marketing, public affairs, media, strategic philanthropy, and business.

Board members include President Manny Sandoval, President-elect Chrystina Smith, Secretary Scott Olivas, and Treasurer Bobbi Albano.

Building Wealth Initiative’s committee includes Chair Bobbi Albano, Programs Chair Lisa Gordon, Fundraising Chair Lacey Kendall, and Grants Chair Tanay Colon.

For more information and to stay up to date on forthcoming initiatives, visit

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