California Curb Appeal Real Property Specialists instill wisdom into clients and the Inland community

Bobbi Albano says that the Inland community will benefit from taking advantage of the market’s current 5.5 interest rates, as she sees them elevating in the next fiscal year.

Right out the gate, one element that separates San Bernardino’s California Curb Appeal Real Property Specialists from its competitors is that it takes the time to ensure its clients understand the process of selling, buying, and leasing a home. 

While it also conducts business brokering, its owner Bobbi Albano attributes the real estate agency’s success to the professionals they hire. 

“We don’t just hire anyone that has a real estate license. All of our agents are professionals to the highest degree; one is also an attorney, another is an appraiser, and another agent has a master’s degree. My team treats every client with respect and dignity, and we take the time to help them understand the buying, selling, or looking for a new home,” said Albano. 

One of those processes that can be confusing to a client that Albano says they provide a client with insight on is regarding contracts and the legal obligations that come with buying and selling a home or commercial property. 

“I like to educate my buyers and sellers on the contract to ensure compliance. For example, with each seller, I review which buyer has the most solid-looking loan. I also like to teach them why we buy title insurance and explain how it protects them,” continued Albano. 

The business has sold over 75 homes since its inception in 2018, and she says while no one can predict the future, she sees the housing market balance towards the end of 2022. 

“First, I want everyone to know that the best time to purchase a house is whenever you can afford it. We’re currently seeing around 5.5 percent interest rates, and that’s not bad. It’s probably more than likely that interest rates will rise and not go down throughout the next year. Remember, prices drop when interest rates climb, and the higher the rate is, the more money you’ll be paying on your home in the long run,” Albano said. 

She also said when people compare the current housing market to the Housing Crash of 2008, remember, “We’re not in a situation like that, nor will we ever be in that situation again. The unethical loopholes that banks were making for people to purchase houses, who really couldn’t afford them, have closed.”

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