July 22, 2024


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Colton Employee Julia Arriola Recognized for 15 Years of Service by CITY TALK

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Councilmember Dr. G and Library Tech III Julia Arriola in front of Colton’s Public Library at 656 N 9th St.

On Thursday, July 26, Council Member Dr. G (Dr. Luis S González) presented the CITY TALK “Employee Spotlight” recognition award to Julia Arriola, a Library Tech III in the Community Services Department. 

In this position, Julia is responsible for library records and regularly helps with organization, decorations, and programming. In addition, she is always there and is always available for anyone who needs information or assistance. 

For 15 years, Julia has served our city at the public library, initially as a clerk but mainly as a Library Tech. After being hired in 2008, she was let go during the widespread city layoffs in 2009 but was quickly called back two months later, as soon as the city was back on its feet. Four individuals were hired before, and Julia has continued until this day to serve in this capacity as a dedicated employee and a valued member of our community.  

Born in San Bernardino, Julia attended Pacific High School and was an excellent student. Soon after, she married her high school sweetheart and, for 56 years, enjoyed a wonderful married life while working as a self-employed daycare operator. At one point, she picked up another job as a clerk in the San Bernardino library, which she held for five years. At this time, she answered a recruitment ad for a job in Colton as a library clerk. The rest is part of Colton Library history, and as the main library grew in programming and popularity, so went Julia. “Julia is an integral part of our library and is involved in every aspect,” exclaimed Library Director Edward Pedroza.

To piggyback on that sentiment, anyone who has frequented the main library or has attended one of their numerous events has seen Julia. She greets everyone with a smile and makes them feel welcome. When asked about her approach to visitors to the library, Julia commented, “I’ll always make a moment with you.”  Her response appeared accurate as this week she welcomed children to a special puppet show, and last week she sang and danced, leading the children for “story time” with the Colton Police. “Julia is always on the job,” says co-worker Lisa Sandoval, who added, “The library is fortunate to have such a dedicated employee.”

We are proud to recognize all our employees in the City of Colton. However, time and opportunity are limited. This “Employee Spotlight” allows us to identify the individual efforts of employees who stand out for their dedication, hard work, and long-standing service to our various departments and the community.”  The CITY TALK “Employee Spotlight” recognition award was established in 2020 to recognize these great efforts.

Indeed our city has great employees who work hard and care about our city. Thank you, Julia Arriola, for all your hard work, and congratulations on this CITY TALK “Employee Spotlight” recognition award. 

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