May 30, 2024


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Colton Volunteers Come Together for a Massive Community Clean-up

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Photo by Bev Cecil - Chuck Cecil, Dr.G, Rodney Spencer (back), Norma Gallardo (front), Bill Hussey, and Robert Macias.

Last Saturday, Colton and Grand Terrace volunteers joined forces to clean up the busy La Cadena corridor. For the third year, Dr. G, Council Member, and Mayor Mr. Bill Hussey led a group of volunteers from both cities who wanted to make a difference in our community.
The target area was a stretch of land along So. La Cadena Dr., east side, borders Colton and Grand Terrace. This area is an excellent choice for a collaborative effort because of its location and the fact that both cities use it. Additionally, traffic from nearby cities uses this corridor for making deliveries, commuting, transporting, and everything else. “It a busy thoroughfare, and with this much traffic, the trash builds up,” says Rodney Spencer, one of the volunteers.
When clean-up day began, two teams started at each end of the span between Litton Ave and Barton Road. The 6:00 am starting time was a good choice as there was less traffic, and the cooler weather provided excellent working conditions. Of course, there was plenty of water, gloves, and sanitizer for the crew and masks for those who wanted the added protection. With bags, safety vests, and lots of sweat, the community clean-up project was completed in about two hours and yielded about 45-50 trash bags. “This was an excellent activity that brought both communities together,” exclaimed Mayor Hussey. One of the regular volunteers, Norma Gallardo, commented, “I like helping the community,” and added, “This kind of activity makes the streets look better.”
OVER THE YEARS, the CITY TALK clean-up efforts have continued to evolve, and this annual project is an excellent example of residents collaborating with elected officials to help make a difference. The idea for this collaboration came up three years ago when Dr.G approached Mr. Hussey to discuss the possibility of community activity. Both elected officials felt that the clean-up project was a great choice as it involved both communities and benefitted them. As a result, the corridor looks nice.
Residents are also happy with this community effort and have contacted DrG and Mr. Hussey to approve. Tish Baden, a nearby resident, commented, “The project was good because it contributed to the beautification of the cities and demonstrated that coming together makes both communities better.”
No matter how you view this project, it’s a win-win-win-win situation. Colton participates, Grand Terrace participates, the drivers have a clean street path, and the residents benefit by having a cleaned-up area near their homes. Hopefully, this collaboration idea will continue and possibly catch on, but for now, “it’s always nice to have clean streets and pathways,” said resident Christina Perris.
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