Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Instagram worthy and fun for the family

This past week my family and I took a short 2 day to vacation to the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells resort. The resort was beautiful and, despite some somewhat uncontrollable bumps in the road, I had a great time and am here to share my experience. 

Upon arrival we were met by some of the kindest staff we have ever encountered. They helped us take our luggage out of our car and get us set with our room and key. And by key, I mean a wristband that you wear throughout your stay that when you show to your door unlocks it for you, as well as grants access to the pools, which was very convenient. From the driveway, to the lobby, and all throughout the hotel, you will find several prime photo taking sports perfect for your Instagram feed! 

Our room was very nice and had more than enough space. There was a TV, 2 mini-couches, a table and chair, and of course the beds. There was also a refrigerator and microwave to put some of our home brought food and drinks in. As someone with celiac disease, these accommodations are important! 

After unpacking and settling in, we headed out to the pools. The pools were divided into sections. There was the kids pool, the adult pool, the water slide pool, and the lazy river. Having all these pools is a great way to cater to different people staying at the hotel. If you have kids, you can go to the kid pool or water slide pool where they’ll be endlessly entertained. If you’re taking a trip with adult friends, you can go to the adult pool and not be disturbed by the chaos and noise on the other side, or float around on the lazy river. In addition to the pools, there were also outside restaurants, a bar, and a table tennis court set up to provide even more entertainment. However, due to an accident while we were there, the lazy river was closed during our first day.  Occurrences like that are out of the hotel’s control, and they did a great job getting everything under control and it was ready and open when we came out the next morning. Overall, poolside had a lot to offer for any type of visitor. 

Pro tip- Since the hotel has a convention center on the property, enquire what events are going on during your stay.  For example, if there are is a youth sports camp or clinic, be sure to note you would like your rooms on a different floor than the teams. 

You will definitely enjoy your stay at Hyatt Regency Indian Wells. It is a great place to go no matter your situation, and the staff will make sure you feel welcome and enjoy your time there. Don’t forget to have your camera ready! 


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