April 19, 2024


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Local author releases book on efficiency and organization self-help book

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Rancho Cucamonga, California author, Ruzanna Krdilyan Hernandez, is proud to offer her debut book released published by Higher Ground Books and Media Publisher. Efficiency and Organization is available for purchase online as of December 6, 2021.

Efficiency and Organization is written much like a workbook, developed through stories and lived experiences of an immigrant woman from the former Soviet Union who experienced various successes under challenging situations to realize the American Dream. The book has a section for each of the major time periods of Hernandez’s life, and what lessons she took from undergoing difficult circumstances to not only survive but thrive. She gives specific details and strategies on:

  • Goal setting
  • Developing organizational skills to become highly productive and efficient
  • Having a positive mindset
  • How to be effective at work (specially written for teachers)
  • Success in small business ownership
  • Achieving balance and success in leadership positions
  • The effects of the COVID pandemic on personal and professional growth and development

The book is much like a workbook in that there are specific strategies, ideas, and tips that the reader can use, much like a checkoff list. Chapter 14 contains all of the items combined altogether. There are strategies for planning, calendaring, developing routines, systems, purpose, efficiency with using technology, productivity strategies for home, work, school, and business. This self-development (self-help) book is helpful in teaching specific organizational, productivity, and time management skills. It is also highly motivational, inspirational, and moving!

Ruzanna Hernandez also shares her knowledge and expertise on her website, Efficiencyandorganization.com. The website has six focus areas for productivity, time management, goal setting, organizing, and efficiency. The six areas include: Personal life, careers, personal finances, educators, small business owners, students.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon or directly from the publisher, Higher Ground Books and Media.


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