April 17, 2024


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San Bernardino’s 5th Ward Forum Spotlights Visionary Leadership and Civic Engagement with Incumbent Reynoso, Candidates Nickel and Ward

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Incumbent Ben Reynoso, Candidate Rose Ward, and Candidate Henry Nickel answering questions from moderator Lupe Camacho.

At the recently held 5th Ward People’s Forum in San Bernardino, candidates Henry Nickel, Rose Ward, and incumbent Ben Reynoso presented their compelling visions for the city’s future, emphasizing community engagement, experienced leadership, and strategic investment. The event, known for its respectful discourse, marked a significant moment in the city’s political landscape.

The forum, organized by Just San Bernardino and the League of Women Voters and live-streamed by KVCR, took place at San Bernardino First Baptist Church on February 3rd. It stood out for its constructive approach, focusing on the city’s prospects rather than the political rivalry often seen in such gatherings.

Former City Councilmember Henry Nickel expressed his dedication to the city and its residents. “I took time out of my day knocking on doors to come here because I think it is important,” Nickel stated, emphasizing his commitment to understanding and addressing the community’s needs. He conveyed optimism about the city’s future, remarking, “I chose to move back here 15 years ago…I believe San Bernardino’s best days are coming, and we’ve accomplished a lot.”

Businesswoman Rose Ward, with her 33 years of experience, pledged to be a voice for the constituents, ensuring that their concerns and aspirations are central to her decision-making. “I won’t be another guest vote. It would be the vote so that you could have your say when the agenda comes up,” Ward affirmed, highlighting her commitment to making San Bernardino a safer and more prosperous city for future generations.

Incumbent Ben Reynoso reflected on his tenure since 2020, emphasizing his efforts to redefine the city’s narrative from one of limitations to one of potential and growth. “We’re not broke, and we don’t have to act like we’re broke until the end of time,” Reynoso stated, outlining his focus on critical community investments such as affordable housing, career employment opportunities, and educational partnerships. “A vote for Ben Reynoso is a vote for the future of San Bernardino, for keeping young people and all people in the place that they love and call home for the foreseeable future and beyond,” he added.

While the forum was marked by an overall tone of respect and positivity, it was noted that candidates Kim Knaus and Chas Kelley were unable to attend, with Kelley having a prior commitment and Knaus canceling at the last minute.

The 5th Ward People’s Forum not only showcased the candidates’ diverse approaches and visions for San Bernardino but also underscored the importance of civic engagement and the power of informed, respectful political discourse in shaping the city’s future. As the community continues to navigate its path towards growth and prosperity, the voices and choices of its residents will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in steering the direction of their beloved city.

Click here to watch the entire forum.


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