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SB High crowns new 2022-2023 Mr. and Miss Cardinal

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Photos Ricardo Tomboc: Contestants, judges, MC's and 5th District County Supervisor Joe Baca, Jr.

On Saturday September 24th, the 18th Annual Mr. and Miss Cardinal City Pageant (2022-2023) was held at the San Bernardino Sturges Center for the Fine Arts. Mr. Jamie Rios founder of the pageant is the School Outreach Worker at the San Bernardino High School (SBHS).

For over 18 years Mr. Rios has been encouraging his students to have pride in themselves, giving them the opportunity to serve the community, thus increasing their self-esteem. Throughout the school year, Mr. Rios takes the contestants to various pageants, community functions, and events, and seeks volunteer activities like the recent Assistance League Headdress Ball. The winners of the Mr. and Miss Cardinal Pageant will represent SBHS and its community for a year.

2022-2023 Miss Cardinal Anne Martinez being crowned by Cardinal Pageant Director Jamie Rios.

The event was emceed by Marlena Martin and Guillermo Diaz (Mr. California 2022). The Colors were posted by the SBHS Jr. ROTC. The Pledge of Allegiance was given by Andrea McClew(Mrs. Regency International 2022). The National Anthem was sung by Avilene Vasquez Anaya, 12th grader from Arroyo Valley High School.

The contestants were introduced as well as the Judges and Official Tabulator and Auditor. The Contestants had a Sportswear/Passion for Fashion Competition and a Formal Wear & Gown Competition. Performances were given by the SBHS Dance Team Koreagraphies and the Arroyo Valley High School’s Dance Team.

The contestants for the 2022-2023 titles of Mr. and Miss Cardinal are Anne Martinez, Anitzia Garcia, Jasmine Toolan, Eileen Espinoza, Karina Roldan, Janice Romero, Brianna Guzman, Jamie Lusung, Rachelle Hutto, Lillian Hernandez, Ziclaly Belmont, Raven Solar, Anthony Arias, Roberto Estrada, Michael Torres, Gabriel Lorenzana, Manuel Escoto, and Freddy Matias.

The 2022 Pageant Judges were Priya Kumar, Darlene Quinn, Tamara-Michell Cline, Rayshaun Thomas, Kari Carlson Deike, Derrick Vasquez (SBHS Alumni), Virginia Marquez (served two terms as a Councilwoman for the City of San Bernardino), Dr. Sam Nguyen, Christina Powers, and Nataly Barba.

2022-2023 Mr. Cardinal Michael Torres.

Two Scholarships were awarded during the closing ceremony. $3,000 dollars was awarded to Karina Roldan from Pageant Judge Dr. Sam Nguyen. The JA School of Hairdressing presented a Cosmetology Scholarship of $20,000 to Jasmine Toolan.

“Pageant Royalty” from several organizations, cities and states attended the event and were introduced to the audience during the pageant. The Miss International Beauty and the Teen International Beauty (who are parts of the Ms. America Pageant system), were crowned. Raven Solar was crowned Miss International Beauty 2022 – 2023, and Jamie Lusung was crowned Teen International Beauty for 2022 – 2023.

A Farewell to the 2021-2022 Mr. Cardinal Abdel Rahman-Hussin and to the 2021-2022 Miss Cardinal Jamie Villalobos was given, and one last walk on the stage ended their one-year reign. All of the student candidates were given Certificates of Recognition by County Supervisor Joe Baca. Several of the candidates were also recognized for having the highest G.P.A., Most Improved, People’s Choice, Photogenic, Mr./Miss Contestant, and more.

The Pageant concluded with the announcements of Mr. & Miss Cardinal for 2022-2023. The title of Mr. Cardinal was given to Michael Torres; 1st Runner Up was Freedy Matias and 2nd runner up was Anthony Arias. The title of Miss Cardinal was given to Anne Martinez and her Court Rachelle Hutto, Anitzia Garcia.

Several sponsors financially supported the event and many more volunteers assisted with the pageant. Founder and Organizer of the Mr. and Miss Cardinal Jaime Rios personally send out a “thank you and appreciation for all the support that was given.


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