May 30, 2024


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O Street residents team up for neighborhood yard sale

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Photos Dr. G: Veronica Gonzales Castro, co-coordinator; Dr. G Council Member and community advocate; Candy Vasquez, co-coordinator.

On Saturday, October 1, ten families, who live on the 400 block of East O Street put their time and efforts together for a huge yard sale “in the neighborhood.” For the third year in a row, these residents have collaborated during the fall season to gather their extra items they no longer need or want, and display them out to the public for sale. “The bargains are plenty,” says Norma Gallardo, one of the curious visitors to the East O Street location. Ashley, who came from across town with her father, were looking for some kind of chairs for her kitchen. “We found two bar stools, and paid $5 for each one – fantastic!” she exclaimed.

The organizers of this neighborhood event were Candy Vasquez and Veronica Gonzales Castro, who are neighbors and good friends. They are also good friends with Dr. G, who has been invited each of the three years to visit, lend his support, and make public announcements. “Putting this event together takes work, but is well worth the effort,” smiles Veronica, who along with Candy made flyers, walked the neighborhood, helped to set up tables, and made sure everyone had plenty of water.

Christina, one of the residents who had a display made $35 in the first hour and was looking  forward to the day of potential sales. “It’s not much, she commented, but continued, “it’s more than just selling un-needed items – the yard sale is a good opportunity to meet your neighbor.”

When asked about the purpose of this neighborhood yard sale, Candy commented, ”This is a great way to get together with your neighbors,” and went on to explain, “every year I meet new people who either stop by as a curious shopper or who want to join in with a display of their own.”  One final comment added by Candy, “Either way, we get to know our neighbors, and that’s a good thing.”

No matter what part one plays in this event, the East O Street neighborhood yard sale is starting to gain notoriety and gain in participation. Some of the residents offered an elaborate display of clothes, furniture, toys, and various household items, while other were simple one-table displays. All of the residents were happy with the event, made a few sales, and had plenty of water, not only for themselves but for visitors. “We had a great time,” says Veronica.

The East O Street neighborhood yard sale was a one-day event and ran 8:00am – 2:00pm. Both Candy and Veronica plan to continue this event next year and possibly expand. There was much interest to participate from residents living on the next block. Congratulations are in order to Candy Vasquez and Veronica Gonzales Castro for organizing this successful event. Not only do the residents have fun cleaning out their un-needed items, but the building of good relationships and community spirit are big benefits for everyone. We certainly look forward to next year’s sale.

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