The best month for sports: October

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It’s a sports fan’s favorite month of the year: it’s October, and every major league is playing. NHL? Check. NBA? Check. MLB? Check. NFL? Check. You name the sport, it’s going on. So, let’s see what we should expect this October.

We start out with a new NBA and NHL season. The NBA had the most insane offseason, and the hype has never been bigger. With the league’s balance restored every team is hungry to prove they’re the best. With preseason already under the way, NBA fans couldn’t be more excited.

Meanwhile, on the ice, a couple games are already underway in the regular season. Promising young stars like Connor McDavid and veterans like Alex Ovenchkin are ready to lead their teams to the Stanley Cup.

We move on to the NFL and MLB seasons, both in full swing. The NFL is now through week 5, and a surprise is at the top, the 49ers. However, we are still seeing the Patriots grinding away as they aim towards yet another Super Bowl. As for the MLB, it’s postseason time. A little “bold” prediction here, the Dodgers are going to the World Series and losing. History will repeat itself, the Dodgers will get no type of Hollywood ending, but a team like the Astros could be in a good spot to win another World Series.

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And that is why October is a sports fan’s dream! Who will be crowned a champion, who will get off to a slow start, a fast start, will underdogs prevail? We will see as this October rolls on.

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