CSUSB students empowering dreamers through art and journalism

Photo/Anthony Victoria: Cal State San Bernardino Professors Lilliana Gallegos, right, and Juan Delgado, left, have helped organize the Art of Dreaming exhibit that will auction art to help undocumented students with scholarships.
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In a matter of weeks, Cal State San Bernardino’s ‘Coyote Pack’ has developed dozens of art pieces to help undocumented students raise money for scholarships.

Monday’s Art of Dreaming Art Exhibit at the Garcia Center for the Arts, taking place through June 3, is auctioning off photographs, paintings, drawings, and mixed media pieces to provide support for a population that is, “living in fear.”

“It’s a difficult time right now,” said Cal State San Bernardino Professor Juan Delgado. “The more support we could show for these students the better.”

CSUSB Communications Professor Lilliana Gallegos helped her communications students develop a media conglomerate–named the Coyote Pack–to help organize the event. The students wrote press releases, developed video, and wrote news stories to spread awareness of the exhibit.

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The money raised will be disbursed into an emergency scholarship fund for the university’s undocumented students that are in dire need of financial assistance, explained Coyote Pack Spokesman Francisco Rodriguez.

Gallegos refers to her students’ style of reporting as ‘rainbow journalism’ because it takes into account the struggles of, “marginalized people.”

“The community needs to channel the passion they have to create something,” she said. “This is how we’ve been able to create events like this.”

Both Gallegos and Delgado are convinced that the exhibit and their journalistic efforts will lead to the creation of a “counter message” that is full of self-dignity and respect.

“Every time they arrest an undocumented student like Boyle Heights’ Claudia Rueda they are sending a message,” Delgado said. “We have to work to counter that and demonstrate that we won’t stand for deportations.”

CSUSB student Destiny Guzman believes the exhibit will help begin a conversation about the representation of immigrants in the media and the struggles of a “silenced minority.”

“No matter how big or small this may be, this will help impact someone’s life,” Guzman said. “Regardless if you’re undocumented or not, we all need to show our support.”

CSUSB organizations, the TransCultural Commons Collective and Mass Productions, also helped to coordinate the exhibit and silent auction.

The exhibit and silent auction will take place through June 3. For more information, contact Francisco Rodriguez at (951) 427-0218.

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