Colton America Soccer Club wins big at the National Cup Finals in Colorado

On July 21st, the Colton America Soccer Club (CASC) took home the gold in Colorado, when they faced the number three ranked team in California. 

“CASC was ranked number 17 in California and 343rd in the nation. So for them to come out on top is a pretty big deal,” said CASC Marketing Specialist and Parent Danny Garcia. 

The team eliminated the number one ranked teams from Florida, Texas, Minnesota, and Hawaii. 

CASC Captains David Garcia and Saul Ruiz stop to snap a photo before giving an interview to the press.

Prior to the finals, the CASC competed in the Southwest Regionals in Oceanside, where they defeated Albion.

“We’re proud of the team. Six of the athletes actually got selected to try out for the Olympic Development Program in Ventura County,” concluded Garcia. 


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