February 28, 2024


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Colton Community Services Department Employee Heidi Strutz Recognized for Outstanding Service by CITY Talk

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Left to right: Dr. G, Council Member and Founder of CITY TALK; Heidi Strutz, Recreation Services Manager

On Thursday, January 11, Council Member Dr.G (Dr. Luis S González) presented the CITY TALK “Employee Spotlight” award to recognize Heidi Strutz, a 22-year employee of the City of Colton Community Services Department.

Ms. Strutz is a hometown employee who moved to Colton with her family from Arizona when she was five. Her father worked as an environmental engineer for many years before becoming an ordained pastor. Her mother was busy with the children while helping to care for people in the church. Both parents were devoted to serving people throughout their working years, which undoubtedly motivated Heidi’s desire to work in the field of municipal public recreation. 

When asked about her line of work, Heidi responded, “I like talking to people, and although I stumbled onto recreation, I realized I liked the connection to the people.” In addition, Heidi had worked with her father in his church ministry and feels that the experience teaching kids and coordinating group activities refined her social and organizational skills and has served her well as an effective recreational leader. Her current position in the Community Services Department is that of Recreation Services Manager, which she has held for four years. Her previous positions have been Recreation Services Coordinator, Recreation Specialist, and a “Blue Shirt” Recreation leader when she started with the City of Colton in 2001.

After attending the Colton public schools, Heidi graduated from Colton High School in 1998 and went on to San Bernardino Valley College (A.A. Liberal Studies) and then Western Governors University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management.

We are undoubtedly proud to recognize all our employees in the City of Colton. However, time and opportunity are limited, so an “employee spotlight” allows us to identify the individual efforts of employees who stand out for their dedication, hard work, and long-standing service to our various departments and the community. We sure have great employees who work hard and care about our City. They do what needs to be done and care about our City. Thank you, Ms. Heidi Strutz, for your dedication, hard work, and years of service. Your long-standing commitment to our community is very much appreciated, and you are to be congratulated on this recognition award. The CITY TALK “Employee Spotlight” recognition award was established in 2020 to recognize the outstanding efforts that employees make in service to the City and for the benefit of our community. 

For more information about CITY TALK, various community groups, Colton history, the trash clean-up, prayer list, Veteran Spotlight, Church Spotlight, Business Spotlight, community projects and events, neighborhood meetings, or the online live-stream programs, text or call Dr. G @ 909-213-3730. Dr. G is the founder of CITY TALK, a City Council Member, and a well-known community advocate. Questions and comments are always welcome. 


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