Colton Lions join Dr. G for Community Clean-up

Photo Soledad Morden - From left: Fred Calderilla, Cinthia Calderilla, Erik Morden, Dr. G, Ed Morden, Irene Robles-Servin, Javier Servin, and Óscar Servin.
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Over the last seven years, Dr. G has been engaged in trash clean-up efforts in the downtown area, nearby main streets, and freeway on/off ramps areas. From time to time various individuals and groups have joined in to offer some assistance in the clean-up effort.

For the most part, anywhere between two – five individuals come when they can on a Tuesday or Thursday morning to help Dr. G with his clean-up project. The area selected rotates around, but is specifically chosen because it needs the most attention. “The downtown City Center is important,” explains Dr. G, and continues, “as well as the entrances to our city.”

Sometimes special clean-up projects are needed and planned for areas with a larger group in mind. That’s where the Colton Lions Club steps in. Ever since its inception two years ago, the Lions Club leadership has been in communication with Dr. G about the possibility of teaming up on a community project. With his trash clean-up program already in place, the Lions Club’s commitment to community service was a good fit. Last year, the local Lions Club joined up with Dr. G for the first time on a trash clean-up project and it was a tremendous success. This weekend, under the leadership of incoming President Erik Morden, eight members of the local club arrived bright and early Saturday morning for Dr. G’s clean-up project on Georgia Street.

The results couldn’t have been better. The total haul were 50 bags of trash, a dozen truck tires, and tons of junk. With nine people pulling together, this quiet Georgia Street was no longer a place for dumping, but a beautiful rural area branching off of S. Fifth Street. “It’s really nice,” smiles Dr. G.

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Incoming President Erik Morden, commented, “This project fit very well with the goals of the Lions Club, in that we are committed to community service.” He then continued, “Our main outreach is to provide vision clinics, but this project was a way to expand our activities.” In thinking about the success of this clean-up project, Erik and Dr. G have discussed the idea of collaborating again later in the year, which may happen in August or September.

Anytime individuals or groups offer to volunteer, the efforts are well-received by the general public, and those that participate fulfill a personal sense of local pride and contribution to our community. One of the members, Evelyn Lopez, posted on FB, “Our Lion’s Club is going to continue to help.” Other members of the Colton Lions Club who helped last weekend for the clean-up project were Cynthia Calderilla, Fred Calderilla, Edward Morden, Erik Morden, Soledad Morden, Irene Robles, Javier Serven and Oscar Serven.

According to Erik Morden, the Colton Lions Club is considering the idea of helping Dr. G with the trash clean-up project on a regular basis, “maybe quarterly,” says Erik.

“No matter what, it’s great to see community groups participate, explains Dr. G., adding, “I appreciate the time and effort the group members gave to help make our city a better place.”

For more information about CITY TALK, various community groups, Colton history, the trash clean-up, neighborhood meetings, or the online live-stream programs, text or call Dr. G @ 909–213-3730.

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