G-Team lifts community spirit with costume party

Photo Dr. G: 40-plus attendees of the G-Team Costumed Pizza Party on Wednesday, October 28 @ Pizzadilly Restaurant.

Last week, friends and family gathered to kick-off the upcoming holidays with a good old-fashioned costumed pizza party. The G-Team, one of Colton’s active volunteer groups, took some time out of their busy schedules to gather for delicious pizza, enjoy a cool beverage, share a few old-time stories, and end with a colorful Halloween cake.

About 45 people joined with Dr. G to enjoy the positive vibe “in costume”, and celebrate family, friends and the community. “This was a nice event,” said Yaneth Murillo who brought her children to join in on the fun, and continued, ”my kids had a great time.” The event was held at Pizzadilly Restaurant @ 194 East Valley Blvd, and owner Raymond Dorado, was a gracious host, along with his staff, Gloria (sister) and Denise (niece).

During the year, the G-Team has participated in several productive activities that contribute to the positive atmosphere in our community. Such efforts have included talking with residents, having neighborhood meetings, having trash clean-up projects, planting flowers, painting park tables, visiting shut-ins, and more.

“Its really nice to get together and celebrate a positive spirit among the community,”  says Julia Cardenas, one of Dr. G’s long time supporters and planner of the costume pizza party.  Another attendee, Evelyn Lopez commented, “We had a great time and laughed.” While talking, she pointed to the interesting costumes worn by individuals in the group.  Everyone came in costume, even Dr. G who is well-known in the community for dressing up in costume for the  holidays. Among the attendees were a flower child, the Hamburglar, and a princess. Dr G came dressed like a pirate…Yo-ho, yo-ho!

This was a good, creative way to celebrate genuine community spirit, and the G-Team, which started in 2019, is just the group to get it started. So what is the G-Team? It’s a group of people who love and care for our community and the people who live here. A hands-on approach is common with G-Team projects, as are prayers and words of encouragement. This pizza party event was a great outreach of family, friends and community. Nothing extraordinary about it… Just caring for people. Congratulations to the G-Team for their continued community outreach, their volunteer efforts, and their positive contribution to community “Spirit.”

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