May 26, 2024


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Intro to Wildlife Photography/Landscape Photography, Feb. 26-27

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Aspiring photography enthusiasts are invited to learn the basics of manual camera setup, photographic technique and artistic vision in these five-session courses led by professional photographer, Dave Ficke. 

Each course will help photographers understand their camera and settings including white balance, depth of field, exposure compensation and histogram. Dave will also discuss lenses and ways to ensure safety while on location.

Both courses combine an online lecture component with practice at in-person meetings on location.

Introduction to Landscape Photography begins February 26, and Introduction to Wildlife Photography begins February 27. The cost for each course is $125 to the public; $100 to Redlands Camera Club members.

Sponsored by Redlands Camera Club, course details and a sign-up portal can be found on the website:

Instructor bio

Dave Ficke is an American nature and wildlife photographer and conservationist. Dave’s thirty years as an environmental educator and life-long wildlife enthusiast has nurtured a love of nature and its beauty, which he has captured in his photographs. Long an advocate of conservation and stewardship of our natural environment, he has passionately taught those principles as a high school science teacher. Dave believes in experiential education and for thirty-three years took his high school students on weeklong field trips to Yosemite, canoeing down the Colorado river and sharing many other outdoor experiences with his students.


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