May 29, 2024


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San Bernardino City Unified Unveils Vision 2030 to Cultivate Pride and Purposeful Futures for All Students

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The San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) and Superintendent Mauricio Arellano are proud to announce the launch of Vision 2030: SBCUSD SHINES, a transformative initiative aimed at cultivating pride and purposeful futures for students.

“I have always firmly believed that every student is brilliant and that it is our responsibility to discover their brilliance,” said Superintendent Arellano. “Our job is to ensure that every student, that our District and our city shines.”

Approved by the Board of Education on April 2, Vision 2030: SBCUSD SHINES sets the course for the District’s mission to ensure each student has the skills, resilience and determination to create their path and thrive in school, career and life.

Following a special reception held in the Dr. Margaret Hill Community Room, the vision was unveiled to more than 200 attendees during a meeting of the Board of Education. In attendance were local elected officials, community leaders, leaders of faith-based organizations, representatives of local businesses and nonprofits, and District administrators, many of whom were honored during the Board meeting for their contributions to the vision. 

Under SBCUSD SHINES, the District is committed to prioritizing six key areas over the next six years:

1. SBCUSD Strong: Fostering a culture of excellence and resilience to empower students to reach their full potential.

2. High expectations for academics and innovation to be college and/or career ready: Setting rigorous academic standards and promoting innovation to prepare students for success in college and career.

3. Involvement of students, family, community and staff: Engaging all partners in the educational process to create a more collaborative and supportive learning community.

4. Nutrition, health and wellness: Prioritizing the physical, mental and emotional well-being of students through comprehensive health and wellness initiatives.

5. Equity as a foundation: Advancing equity and inclusion to ensure all schools and students have access to equitable opportunities and resources.

6. Safe, secure and attractive learning environments: Creating safe, welcoming and inspiring spaces where students can learn, grow and thrive.

“Vision 2030: SBCUSD SHINES represents our unwavering commitment to providing every student in San Bernardino and Highland with the support and resources they need to succeed,” said Arellano, who developed the focus in partnership with students, employees and community leaders during his first year as SBCUSD superintendent. “By focusing on these key areas, we will cultivate a culture of excellence, equity and empowerment that prepares our students for lifelong success. Together, we will ensure that every student shines bright and achieves their dreams.”

“One of the most important things that we need to have is a vision to run behind,” said Pastor Dr. Joshua Beckley of Ecclesia Fellowship, who was personally involved in developing the District’s new vision. “Vision 2030: SBCUSD SHINES represents a bold commitment to excellence and inclusivity in education…We as a community need to run with this, and we need to get behind our District to make sure it happens.”

Beckley credited SBCUSD for giving community leaders, parents, business owners and others who care about the long-term wellbeing of children in San Bernardino and Highland a voice to help develop a collective vision.

Alton Garrett, another community stalwart and leader of the Westside Action Group, urged the community to rally behind Vision 2030. 

“What is in here is what we as a community said we wanted,” Garrett said while holding a booklet about the vision. “That is why it is so beholden upon us to make sure that we as a community work with the District to make sure that everything we said in Vision 2030 is done.”

Rodolfina Gamino, whose four children have attended SBCUSD schools, participated in the development of Vision 2030 due to her involvement in the District English Learner Advisory Committee and her advocacy on behalf of families. She encouraged all families to take an active role in the vision’s implementation. 

“This vision is not the work of a single person,” Gamino said. “It is like a puzzle. Every single person has to do their part to realize this vision. We need to recognize that unity does give us strength.” 

As SBCUSD embarks on this transformative journey, the District will continue involving students, families, staff and community partners to help shape the future of education in San Bernardino. 

For more information about Vision 2030: SBCUSD SHINES and how you can get involved, please visit To receive a copy of Vision 2030, please email


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