May 29, 2024


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Governor Newsom and Mayor Tran Announce $4.6 Million of $192 Million in Grants to Address Homelessness in San Bernardino

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A governor and a mayor at a press conference

California Governor Gavin Newsom and San Bernardino Mayor Helen Tran in a virtual press conference at 11:30 AM on Thursday, April 18, 2024.

In a significant move to tackle the state’s homelessness crisis, California has allocated $192 million in encampment resolution grants across 17 communities. Governor Gavin Newsom and San Bernardino Mayor Helen Tran, along with other state and local leaders, announced the funding in a virtual press conference today, April 18, 2024. 

San Bernardino will receive nearly $4.6 million of this grant, aimed at addressing homelessness in the city.

Mayor Tran expressed her gratitude for the funding, highlighting its potential impact. “As you know, the city of San Bernardino has the largest homeless population in our county. I’m thrilled that we will be receiving nearly $4.6 million in encampment funding to provide resources to individuals in our city,” said Tran. 

She praised the dedication of local staff and Governor Newsom’s leadership, adding, “This is a testament to our government and a reflection of our shared commitment to compassion, resilience, and dignity. I look forward to building a stronger and more resilient community for all.”

Governor Newsom reflected on the progress made since his tenure began. “Four years ago, our state did not set aside a single dollar specifically for homeless encampments. Today, we are allocating funds to two Continuums of Care, five counties, and 10 cities to ensure that 3,600 people receive specific services with targeted outcomes,” Governor Newsom explained. 

City and county leaders from across the State of California with Governor Gavin Newsom, as the $192 million in encampment funding is announced.

He emphasized the holistic approach of the grants, adding, “It’s not just about moving encampments from one side of town to another—it’s about addressing the root causes and placing people into transitional and permanent housing. We want to continue to target what is happening on the streets and sidewalks in our cities, we are all fed up with it. People want to see these encampments removed, but removed in a compassionate way. Mayor Tran, I appreciate the work you are doing in San Bernardino and keeping SB Strong.”

The grants are part of a broader state initiative called Homekey, which has created nearly 12,800 homes for individuals experiencing homelessness and distributed approximately $736 million in funding to various local entities. “This funding is not only about cleaning up streets and sidewalks; it’s about improving the quality of people’s lives and ensuring accountability through specific outcomes and analysis,” added Newsom.

Secretary Tomiquia Moss, the spokesperson for the grant program, outlined the diversity and scope of the projects. “It’s wonderful to see the diversity in these 17 projects to resolve encampments—providing services to 3,600 people and permanent housing for 2,200 people. Twelve projects will resolve encampments immediately, addressing needs in both rural and urban areas across the state,” said Moss. “These strong plans reflect our commitment to move homeless individuals to safe and stable housing.”

The announcement comes in response to growing concerns about homelessness in California, with a 2023 Point-In-Time count reporting nearly 1,500 homeless individuals in San Bernardino alone. This new round of funding represents a concrete step towards alleviating this persistent issue.


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