December 2, 2023


El Chicano, Colton Courier, Rialto Record

Roseann Ramirez, Lorena Ramirez, Anita Ramirez, Diane Ramirez; all relatives of the Villalobos family.

On Saturday, November 5, the Aristrong Foundation held its Fourth Annual Car Show and Kickball Tournament. From 8:00am – 5:00pm the Colton High School baseball field was full of activity in honor of Arianna Villalobos, who passed away as a young woman four years ago, due to cancer.

This event is the major fund-raiser for the Foundation, and has grown to include one-hundred cars, thirty-five vendors, five bands, two DJs,, jumpers, and several food booths. It was estimated that over 1,000 people attended the event, and according to the organizers, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the display of cars, the camaraderie among the attendees, and the purpose of the event. 

Chris and Nikki Villalobos created the Aristrong Foundation at the request of Arianna who selfishly told her parents, “If Jesus were to take her home, to promise her they would start doing something to help people going through hard times, because she knew what it was like to go through a hard time.”

To follow through with that request, the Foundation supports numerous community activities, and events. This year, those activities include a backpack give-a-way, Thanksgiving Drive, Christmas party, donations to local organizations, and support to families who have children suffering with cancer.

One main effort that has been successful are “blessing boxes” which are designed to lift the spirits of children with cancer. Once a child is identified, they are presented the box filled with items that are not only practical, but encouraging to children. According to Nikki, these items are similar to those which were helpful in providing comfort and encouragement for Arianna during those difficult times. A typical box may have a beanie, chapstick, slippers, socks and little candies that may help with the feeling of nausea from chemo treatment. When asked about making contact with children with cancer, Nikki responded, “We receive calls from parents, and receive forms that are available online on our website.”

In addition to their local efforts, Chris and Nikki also support the research efforts of Dr Monje, a research professor at Stanford, who works in pediatrics and is devoted to working with children who have cancer. It was Dr. Monje, who was entrusted with the organ donations from Ariana which can be used to further the cause of cancer research among children.

For more information about the Aristrong Foundation, or supporting their efforts with a donation please access their online website at or you can contact Chris and Nikki Villalobos at 909-213-2863.

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