Colton supports Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018


Colton provided their support for a statewide ballot initiative that intends to help homeless veterans and low income residents receive affordable housing.

Voters will get to decide in November if $4 billion in state funds should be allocated for new construction, rehabilitation, and preservation of permanent and transitional rental housing for low-income residents.

In addition to renovating and constructing affordable housing complexes with the help of rental companies and nonprofit organizations, Senate Bill 3–the Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018–will homeownership subsidies for veterans.

If approved in November, the bond will improve the lives of homeless veterans that are often unemployed and homeless, explained Councilman Frank Navarro.

“This is a win-win, not only for veterans, but for homeless people and those in need of affordable housing,” said Navarro.

The Council also approved $20,000 to clean up homeless encampments citywide.


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