June 23, 2024


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CityTalk Celebrates Immaculate Conception Church Volunteers for Exceptional Service in Dinner Hour Ministry

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Members of the Dinner Hour Ministry and Food Distribution program at the Immaculate Conception Church, celebrated for their tireless volunteer efforts.

In a heartfelt ceremony, CityTalk recognized the unwavering dedication of volunteers from the Immaculate Conception Church who have significantly contributed to the Dinner Hour Ministry and food distribution program. These committed individuals were honored for their relentless service in aiding over 1,500 individuals weekly, providing essential food supplies to families in need.

Under the leadership of program heads such as Pete Zavala, the volunteers of the Immaculate Conception Church have been the backbone of the food distribution initiative. Zavala remarked, “We appreciate all of our church volunteers. It’s important that we recognize their contribution.” The early stages of the week see volunteers industriously collecting food from various suppliers. By Wednesday, the church becomes a hive of activity as the full team of volunteers meticulously sort, package, and arrange the food supplies in preparation for distribution.

As the day progresses, the church grounds transform into a well-coordinated drive-thru operation, efficiently managed by volunteers like Angela Wilkinson, who noted the program’s growth and the continuous need for more helping hands. “This program has grown quite a bit, especially in recent months. Volunteers are always needed and very much appreciated,” Wilkinson stated.

The recognition ceremony, held on a Wednesday morning following the completion of food distribution, was a moment to reflect on and appreciate the hard work of the volunteers throughout 2023. Dr. Luis S. González, known locally as Dr.G, presided over the ceremony, presenting the CITY TALK “Community Impact” awards to 29 commendable individuals. The honorees included Carlos Alamilla, Marco Artiaga, David Bautista, Doug Blinkinsop, Daisy Campos, and many others who have shown extraordinary commitment to the community.

The Immaculate Conception Church has not only been a pillar of support for the Colton community but also a beacon of hope, exemplifying the spirit of ‘sharing the good news’ through their actions. The church, located at 1106 N La Cadena Dr., is a focal point of community engagement, offering masses in both English and Spanish throughout the weekend.

Dr. González, an active community writer and advocate, invites the public to engage with various community initiatives and to stay informed about local happenings through CITY TALK. For more information on community projects, events, or to view online live-stream programs, interested individuals are encouraged to contact Dr.G directly.

The City of Colton remains grateful for the positive impact and the sense of unity fostered by the Immaculate Conception Church and its volunteers. As the church continues to serve as a source of solace and support, the community looks forward to further collaboration and engagement in the future.


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